Scott Voltage JR 20″ Boys Mountain Bike: $75.00 O.B.O.

Frame: Aluminum, young boys 20″ Drive train: 6 speed twist shift Brakes: V-brake Wheels: Alloy 20″ Suspension: Scott

Great bike to get you on the trail, without breaking the bank! Bike comes fully tuned up, has 20″ alloy wheels, front suspension, and 6 speed drive train. Bike is in very nice condition, perfect for trail or path, fun or fitness. Only asking $75.00 O.B.O. and bike comes with 30 day limited warranty.

Specialized Hotrocks 16″ Kids Bike $35.00 O.B.O. SOLD!

Frame: Steel 16″ Kids Drive train: Single speed Brakes: Coaster/foot Wheels: Steel 16″

This bike is in very nice condition with normal wear. Bike comes fully tune up, has 16″ wheels, single speed with coaster brake and new grips. Only asking $35.00 O.B.O, bike also comes with 30 day limited warranty.

More quality used bicycles coming soon.